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  • To marry or Not to marry

    I tell you, I am yet to meet a person as much worried about my marriage as my landlady. Others have generally asked about my marriage plans but she has been the persistent one; insisting that I should marry: the sooner the better. The first time she showed her concern was just after I had […]

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  • Chair

    Please. Come. Sit with me. I have warmth of a Winter, And chill of a Summer. They were left behind, By some. When arrows became confusing When green or red were disturbing; They sat with me. Some were warm Some were cold Some left as Autumn passed Some stayed till Spring had. But, They sat […]

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  • Shadow and the Sun

    Tell me a story. my dear shadow Do you crave for the sun As much as I do for her? And, when you do do you know Exactly, how to print the shape, the size and the colour of your heart?   Kathmandu, July 16, 2016 Posted by Smita at 10:11 PM ; Labels: Day-by-Day, Heart-Beat, love, […]

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  • Let There Be Books!

    This year, I wish it to be a year of book – meaning – a year of learning, a year of reading and a year of feeling good. For that, I hope the bookshops will open even during Saturdays, even during public holidays. And soon, a bookshop which opens 24 hours. Amen! Also, this year […]

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  • to the soldier. (II)

    the sweaty warmth on my naked back wakes me up satisfied but thirsty. He has covered me like a blanket. legs intertwined with mine He has fixed himself as a question mark, Exerting his muscles Covering my edges and spaces Filling my depths and gorges. His left hand holds me to his chest as gentle […]

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    मृत्यु के रे ? म नै तिमी कहाँ आउनु पर्ने ? तिमी म कहाँ आउँन मिल्दैन ? यहाँ जीवन छ । यहाँ राती आकाशमा ताराहरु चम्किन्छन् । हँ … म डरपोख रे ? होइन । तिमीलाई झै उसले मलाई मन्त्रमुग्ध तुल्याउँछ । उसको रहस्यताले मलाई पनि लोभ्याउँछ । त्यसैले मलाई नाङ्गो तार छोऊँ–छोऊँ लाग्छ छुरीले […]

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  • The FIRST

    ‘the details’ do not ask me my dear. I did not feel The breeze playing with my curls Nor saw forming of komorebi on it. I did not hear Chaiwala filtering tea, thak…thak…thak just by the corner. Nor smelt boiling of fresh milk coffee. The barking of dogs The tringgg…tringgg…tringgg Of cycles passing by Or, […]

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  • GOD and TIME

    “I had only a little time left and I didn’t want to waste it on God.” Albert Camus This quote was shared in twitter. It got me thinking. I am not a religious person. I guess, declaring myself as a non-religious person has more to do with all the violence being done in the name of […]