How to love a Woman?

[PC: ‘Why you aren’t you’ by Queen Enigma]
you never taught me
how to love a woman.
and so
I never loved
the woman in me.
from early on
you taught me
to be prim and proper
to wait for the knight in the shining armour
you told me,
my journey to a man’s heart
was always through his stomach.
you trained me,
a table spoon of salt
stays a table spoon of salt.
so, i never knew
what journey should i be taking
to reach a woman’s heart.
unprepared; untrained
when each morning
i wake up to find the woman
lying next to me,
unresponsive; lifeless
i do not know how to wake her up.
so, we find ourselves in a hospital
battered and bruised.
sometimes it is our body.
sometimes it is our soul.
But mother,
how do I fix?
a broken wing,
a broken heart of a woman
you never taught me
how to love a woman
so, I never knew
how to love a woman in me.
January 17, 2017

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